Rehoming Service

We at Weird 'N 'Wonderful offer a rehoming service where we take in animals in need of a new home, many through no fault of their own or their owners. 

We have a variety of animals that have come into our care due to changes in circumstances such as house moves or becoming too big for their owners to cope with, if you require an animal to be rehomed or are interested in offering a forever home to one of our residents let us know.

Details of all our animals available can be found both in store and on our facebook page.

More Info

If you require an animal to be rehomed, please contact us, we do not charge to take on a rehoming case.
All animals are health checked and behaviour assessed when they come to us so that we can pair them with suitable new homes. We do not judge those who require their animals to be rehomed there are a variety of reasons, many beyond peoples control that lead to an animal needing to be rehomed and it can be a very hard and nervous decision to make, wanting only the best for the animal in question.

We at Weird 'N' Wonderful try our best to work with everyone involved to ensure that both the animal and the people involved are given support and reassurance throughout the entire experience and it as stress free as possible.